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Geometric Abstraction Revisited

Welcome to Art, Mathematics & Beyond, a display for my artwork, and ideas concerning a multitude of topics. I present and explain my drawing and painting technique, as well as my mathematical background.In the span of three years, between 2006-2009, I started drawing, painting, and produced a fine-tuned blend of mathematical concepts, ultra-precise free-handed drawing, and acrylic based painting.

The free-handed drawings and acrylic paints are made in the spirit of the Bauhaus (a 20th century industrial and graphic design school based in Germany) and belong to the category of Geometric Abstraction.

The objective is as much the technique which strives for perfection of the brushstroke, as well a finished product which should look like it was made via computer aided design. I call it “Human Aided Design”.

On Human Aided Design:

“I want my painting to look as if it has been programmed. I want to hide the record of my hand.” —Roy Lichtenstein


In 2011, with the advent of very high end digital photography, I worked with a professional photography studio to generate digital images of my fine art creations. Based on this digital imaging, I then decided to present a custom made derivative of my art work based on Acrylic / Pexliglas / Dibond materials. From the original artwork, I produce an affordable, very high quality finished artwork, which can decorate a large empty wall, a bedroom, hallway, or other, with an abstract colorful creation, which will not fail to attract the attention of your guests ! A highly decorative fine artwork that will look great in any setting, with vivid colors, generous curves, harmonious proportions, and mesmerizing universal geometrical appeal. Beyond the commercial aspect of selling plexi/acrylic based prints of my artwork, I provide an eclectic blend of information and knowledge based on my personal readings and understanding. I offer a unique visual, audio, and learning experience consisting of a blend of classical fine arts, universal geometric figures, mathematics and science, Buddhist principles, philosophy & metaphysics.

X-Fiction, 2009, 300x400mm, Acrylic on Paper

After an out of the ordinary multi-year introspective journey, and a radical departure from a classical understanding of reality, I attempt to present a personal vision encompassing Arts, Mathematics, Sciences & Metaphysics, leading to the convergence of the concepts of the Platonic theory of forms, Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory, Buddhist Sunyata, and the illusory or imaginary nature of matter. This is an ongoing project which will be continually enhanced with various contributions ranging from personal writings, collected external works, as well as personal scientific (Mathematics and Physics) research. Starting with the artwork, I hope some aspect of this website will interest you, and I welcome any comment or questions regarding any of the various contributions.


Paths of Steepest Ascent, Complex Function Theory


The previous image is taken from one of my mathematics publications on the topic of complex function theory applied to the method of asymptotic expansions. One may notice the similarity between the curves obtained through pure mathematical formulas and graphs, with the curves that I draw free-handed.

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