• French / American, born in Paris, Ph.D. in Mathematics from UCLA in 1994, lives and works in  Paris.
  • Self-taught artist, learned drawing and painting techniques in the span of three years, from 2006-2009, in Paris, London, and Casablanca. Influenced by FuturismSurrealism, CubismBauhaus (Albers, KandinskyMoholy-Nagy, Malevich), Geometric Abstraction, Op Art and Kinetic Art (Vasarely, Agam, Calder).
  • A fine-tuned blend of mathematical concepts, ultra-precise free-handed drawing and painting, and a touch philosophy and metaphysics. In the final stage of production, the free-handed drawings and acrylic paints are transformed into works of Graphic Design.
  • More than 50 painted works available, 16 of which have been turned into digital photography, exposed on this website.
  • Numerous drawings available to exhibit drawing technique.

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