Custom Prints (Limited Signed Print Edition of 10)

Limited Print Editions: Each Photograph is offered for sale in Diasec format (see below) in a limited series of 10 prints, regardless of the size chosen. They are numbered and signed individually.

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Each painting presented on this website has a digital image of ultra-high density (150 MB TIFF native, 15-40 MB JPEG). From this digital image I produce high quality photographic print, of any size, up to 1.5 x the original painting sizes, W.A.L.O.Q. (without any loss of quality). The ideal size being greater than 1m. The photographic print is presented between a Dibond Aluminum base, and a Diasec mounting(acrylic glass sheeting), creating a beautiful highly decorative photographic art work, whose quality and precision is identical to the original. Another possible medium with nice rendering is digital printing directly onto plain Plexiglas / Acrylic or Dibond / Aluminium sheeting. Dibond+Diasec/Plexiglass are lightweight, flexible, and resistant materials which are becoming commonly used in art exhibits (both photography and fine arts), as well as museums. The process was invented in the late sixties and has become widespread over the past ten years. This is a print on photographic paper, glued on a support (Dibond and Plexiglas). Plexiglas or an acrylic glass sheeting plate is affixed on top of the photo. The advantage of this device is to magnify the colors, to increase the visual depth and protect the photo (it is impossible to detach this support). The downside to this brilliance and high quality is that it is easily scratched, and neither Plexiglas nor acrylic glass scratches can be undone.

Dibond & Plexiglas Sample

Recommendation: XL (1.25 x 1.00 meter) and XXL (1.5 x 1.2 meter) are the ideal rendering sizes as the larger sizes really give some life to your walls, in a bedroom, living room, hallway. If you are interested in ordering a custom size for your wall with one of my artworks, please send a request via the contact form in the main menu for a custom made print.

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